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I Love This Dance


Norah Yarah Rosa Mukanga were on fire yesterday Summer Week 47 - Urban Dance Festival
AREA47 kids battle semifinal 🔥🔥🔥

3 days ago
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💣POP UP #Tonight #OnASunday?

🎶@CHRISDUBBLIFE directing the vibes.

🖤$3 DRINKS by @eastsidedistilling 9-10.5P @ NYX

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Nyx is closed tonight per our usual sun-wed programming, but @jupi7er will be guest bartending 8P-close where you used to catch him: @digaponypdx. 🐴 Good drinks, good vibes, good fam.

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There have been so many voices in hip hop, and there have definitely been some artists that express homophobia. Big HOWEVER here: they are not representative of the whole. Homophobia and exclusivity ... See more

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🖤 $3 DRINKS!! 🖤
Grace us with your presence any Friday or Saturday night between 9P & 10:30P for #happyhour.